Personal Training & Nutrition

Fitness Factory offers personal training with one of our certified Personal Training independent consultants.  Our gym features many personal trainers that work for themselves out of the Fitness Factory.

In order to contact one of the personal trainers please contact with information on what your goals are, what time of day you would like to train at and if you would prefer to work with a male or female trainer.


The Fitness Factory Features:

-Four squat racks
-Four olympic platforms with bumper plates
-Texas Power Bar, Trap Bar, Buffalo Bar, Safety Squat Bar, Cambered Bar, Farmer’s Carry Bars
-Prowler and sled, and turf to use indoors
-Spin Theater with over 20 bikes
-Rowing machines
-Dumbbells up to 150#
-Rogue Glute-Hamstring Developer
-Flat, incline, decline benches including a Forza bench and a Texas Strength Systems Competition Bench
-Hammer Strength plate loaded equipment
-Life Fitness Selectorized equipment

Nutrition Services
You can adapt your eating habits to support your weight loss goals, and find activities you enjoy doing! Delores Robinson will create the food and activity plan that gets you to your goal. You’ll learn about healthy and delicious food choices based on low-glycemic index eating, and you’ll create new behaviors to support your goals. Delores can be reached at 207-807-5090. See our Resources page for more information.